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2009-09-20 19:13:34 by JoeyCentral

The best game ever. Take that faggots! Image below to prove you assholes wrong!



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2009-09-20 23:44:36

Opinion, not fact.

Get over yourself.


2009-09-21 08:05:30

heh, 69.

However, you're still gay. And so is Halo. Come play Call of Duty like a normal person.


2009-09-21 19:03:37

Yes, I do like Halo. I agree, it is a very enjoyable series, but that's all it is: Just a series of games and related media.

I love video games to a fault, but I don't consider them the end all be all. My faith, family, friends, country, health, and education are each a million times more important than all the combined games of the world.