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2009-07-19 20:53:10 by JoeyCentral

I'm fucking sick and tired of all the faggetry going on in Halo 3 Xbox Live. I can't fucking stand it at fucking all anymore! It's like almost every LV50 player has a low rank alt. I mean, today in team doubles, this 15 year old faggot claimed that he has 7 50's (lies) and yet he said that he wanted to lose. So he gave like, a shit load of kills to the enemy and was betraying me the whole fucking time! When I had the option to boot him, I was behind like 10 points. Then I was killing the enemy's and I was just behind them (about 2 points). Then, they got lucky and getting cocky by t-bagging me. So I quit the game and lost because of some asshole! I swear, those are the kind of people that I want to kill. So yeah, I can't fucking stand Halo 3's Xbox Live anymore. Of course, I'm just playing for fun, but it's hard to do that when these assholes stress you out like that. So yeah, share your pleasant experience about Xbox Live.

Making my first game (Halo RPG)

2009-07-01 02:38:09 by JoeyCentral

Well, it all started when I was searching for crap on deviant art I was looking for images of halo, then suddenly this image showed up. It looked like a halo version of super mario rpg, so I was like, wow!

Since then, I always wanted to try to make a Halo rpg, since (I think) nobody ever thought of. I don't know how it'll turn out to be, but I have been getting some practice of Actionscript, so I think I'm up for it. I just got started on it, so the only thing I've done was made the image for the game.

Still, I have to think of the plot, the features, and the gameplay itself. After I ponder all that, that's when I'll get working on serious business! Of course, I didn't make this news post for nothing! So if any of you guys have any ideas, then please post them in the comments. If not, just.....comment!

Making my first game (Halo RPG)

UPDATE - Learning AS2

2009-05-31 19:44:17 by JoeyCentral

So recently, I've been learning this thing in Flash called, AS2 (Actionscript 2) I know it's old, but it's simpler than AS3, so I said, "Fuck AS3." So that's the reason why I put my flash animations on hold. So yeah, I hope you people can understand why it's taking a very long time for my animations to release.

//comment if you want

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Flash Projects

2009-05-04 19:52:35 by JoeyCentral

Yeah, well just in case you guys didn't know, I make flash videos because I have nothing better to do. So far, I'm trying very hard to improve my skills. I have a project on hold right now, which still has some more to touch up on. I'm starting something else so that way I don't get bored of doing the same exact project.

The one that's on hold is called, Goku & Sonic, which obviously has Goku and Sonic in it. Instead of them randomly fighting, it has a story and additional characters, bit I'm not going to tell just yet. Almost a month I've been working on it, so I'm kind of getting sick of doing the same thing, especially with all the fillers and crap, so I decided to put the project on hold for now and work on something new.

So now I can get a break with this project, I decided to work on something else. I've seen a huge argument about the battle of Superman and Goku, so since it's getting to me, I decided to do something of that. I haven't started on it yet, but it it'll be something that I can do so that way I don't torture myself overworking and getting bored of doing the same exact crap over and over again.

Overall I learned a lot and it makes the difference between my first flash and this one. If any of you have any constructive tips on how to improve (after watching my first flash), then please feel free to elaborate.

4Kids rant

2009-04-10 21:11:56 by JoeyCentral

First of all, I like Sonic X. I'm glad they added all the characters from Sonic Adventure into the show. I don't know, I just like everything. There's a few things that bug me to death. First of all, why the fuck did they add that god damn boy (Chris Thorndike). I mean, that dork reminds me of Jaden Yuki from Yugioh GX! I mean, just compare the fucking two from appearance! Second, I don't mind having humans thrown, but why the hell is there a fucking guy that looks like Doctor fucking willy from the megaman x series? Also, having deep relationship with them kind of freaks me out. I mean, just lose the god damn kid! He only gets in the fucking way! I mean, if I was Sonic, I wouldn't get out of my fucking way to save that kid's ass! I would just fucking do my thing. Also, in episode 38, I believe that's a fucking reference to Sonic Adventure 2 at the ending of the game. Everything turns out to be the same, except the kid and his grandfather (aka Dr.Willy impersonator) comes along. Also, the part when the ark was going to collide into earth with all emeralds, Shadow has no interest of helping for some reason, (involving Dr.Robotnik's (Eggman) sister) but instead of Amy reminding Shadow about Maria's final wish about saving the people of the Earth, it was Chris that did so. At that point, I was laughing because Shadow actually hit the kid, but I was hoping that it would be a lot harder. So I guess what I'm trying to say is the fact that it was a big mistake to include that dumb kid along with his family to be brought into this. Other than that, great show, great graphics, and awesomeness overall.

Dear newgrounderz

2009-03-18 21:09:28 by JoeyCentral

We regret being alien bastards! We regret coming to Earth! And we most certainly regret that the corpse blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!

I'm banned, again!

2009-02-27 17:28:51 by JoeyCentral

I mean, wtf!

I'm banned, again!

The soup nazi

2009-02-14 13:52:16 by JoeyCentral


The soup nazi

Your face

2009-01-24 22:58:20 by JoeyCentral

Your face is illegal you know...

Fuck doesn't hurt!

2009-01-20 17:33:43 by JoeyCentral

Fuckity Fuck Fuck! See?